Meeting documents

Planning and Regulatory Committee
Wednesday, 19th August, 2020 2.30 pm

Business Items
1Public speaking at planning committees (Standing Order 17 & 17A, as amended by SO 5A)
 To receive and hear any person who wishes to address the Committee. The Chairman will select the order of the matters to be heard. Each person will be limited to a period of three minutes. Public participation time must not exceed thirty minutes.

Please ensure that any submissions meet the required time limits and can be read out in five minutes for public participation on non-planning matters (up to a maximum of 30 minutes) and three minutes for applicant/supporter statements and three minutes for objector statements on a planning application (up to a maximum of 30 minutes). Members of the public are advised that 400 words at normal speaking speed equate to a three minute statement.

If there is more than one person submitting a statement objecting to an application, the Chairman will invite those persons to agree on a combined statement. In default of agreement the Chairman may select one statement to be read out.

Requests to speak must be submitted in writing to the Head of Legal and Democratic Services, or the officer mentioned at the top of this agenda letter, by noon on the working day before the meeting and the request must detail the subject matter of the address.
 Report - 01 Public Participation Statements 19 August 2020 
2Apologies for absence and notification of substitutes
3Declaration of disclosable pecuniary interest (Standing Order 37)
 A Member must declare any disclosable pecuniary interest where it relates to any matter being considered at the meeting. A declaration of a disclosable pecuniary interest should indicate the interest and the agenda item to which it relates. A Member is not permitted to participate in this agenda item by law and should immediately leave the meeting before the start of any debate.

If the Member leaves the Chamber in respect of a declaration, he or she should ensure that the Chairman is aware of this before he or she leaves to enable their exit from the meeting to be recorded in the minutes in accordance with Standing Order 37.
 [date], to approve as a correct record (attached)
 Other - 04 Minutes 15 July 2020 
5Matters referred by Council, the Executive, other committees etc (if any)
6Planning Application No. 19/P/2298/FUL Erection of a terrace of 3no.dwellings (1 x two-bedroom, 2 x three-bedroom) and 1no. detached four bedroom dwelling 1 Woodlands Road Clevedon
 Report - 06 19p2298ful 1 Woodlands Road^ Clevedon 
7Planning Application No. 19/P/2313/FUL – Demolition of existing garage to form amenity area and storage to proposed development of four dwellings Stafford Garage 1 Woodlands Road Clevedon
 Report - 07 19p2313ful Stafford Garage 1 Woodlands Road^ Clevedon 
8Town and Village Green application for Brookfield Walk, Clevedon, BS21 6YG
 Report - 08 Brookfield Walk Town Village Green Application Clevedon Report 
9Performance Report 4th Quarter 19_20
 Report - 09 Performance report (4th Quarter 19_20) 
10Planning Appeals
 Report - 10 Planning Appeals 
11Urgent business permitted by the Local Government Act 1972 (if any)
12Report - PR Update sheet August 2020