Council - Tuesday, 16th April, 2024 6.00 pm

Venue: New Council Chamber

Contact: Hazel Brinton 


No. Item


Public Participation, petitions, and deputations (Standing Orders 2 (vi) and 17)

The Council will hear any person who wishes to address it in accordance with the Standing Orders. The Chairperson will select the order of the matters to be heard.


Each person will be limited to a period of five minutes for public participation and deputations and three minutes for petitions.  This section of the meeting must not exceed 30 minutes and discussion must not refer to a current planning application.  


The Council will also receive questions from the public and provide answers thereto, subject to the Chairperson being satisfied that the questions are relevant to the business of the meeting.  


Requests must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Director Legal & Governance and Monitoring Officer, or to the officer mentioned at the top of this agenda letter, by noon on the day before the meeting and the request must detail the subject matter of the address.


Apologies for absence


Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (Standing Order 37)

A Member must declare any disclosable pecuniary interest where it relates to any matter being considered at the meeting. A declaration of a disclosable pecuniary interest should indicate the interest and the agenda item to which it relates. A Member is not permitted to participate in this agenda item by law and should immediately leave the meeting before the start of any debate.


If the Member leaves the meeting in respect of a declaration, he or she should ensure that the Chairperson is aware of this before he or she leaves to enable their exit from the meeting to be recorded in the minutes in accordance with Standing Order 37.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 228 KB

20 February 2024, to approve as a correct record (attached)

Additional documents:


Chairperson's announcements


Adult Social Services and Housing Commissioning Intentions 2024/25 pdf icon PDF 180 KB

Report of Councillor Whitfield (attached)

Additional documents:


Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan update and progress report pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Report of Councillor Waite (attached)


Corporate Parenting Report pdf icon PDF 104 KB

Report of Councillor Gibbons (attached)


Petitions to be presented by Members (Standing Order No. 16)

These have to be received by the Assistant Director Legal & Governance and Monitoring Officer by 12.00 noon on the day of the meeting. 


Motions by Members (Standing Order No. 14) pdf icon PDF 52 KB

(1)  Deliberative Democracy Motion – Councillor Charles (attached)


Question Time (Standing Order No.18)

Questions must relate to issues relevant to the work of the Executive, the Planning and Regulatory Committee, Employment, Licensing, Audit or Standards Sub-Committee.


Members are requested to supply the Democratic Services Officer with a note of each question at, or just after, the meeting.  A summary note of each question will be included in an appendix to the minutes.


Matters referred from previous meeting



Leader's announcements


Chief Executive's announcements


Forward Plan dated 2 April 2024 pdf icon PDF 330 KB



Policy and Scrutiny Panel Report pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Report of Councillors Bridger, Crockford-Hawley, Thomas, Thornton and Tristram (attached)


Reports and matters referred from the Executive - dated 27 March 2024



Reports and matters referred from the Policy/Overview and Scrutiny Panels other than those dealt with elsewhere on this agenda



Reports and matters referred from the other Committees other than those dealt with elsewhere on this agenda



Reports on joint arrangements and external organisations and questions relating thereto

(1)   Avon Fire Authority


(2)   Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel


(3)   West of England Combined Authority Joint Scrutiny Committee


Urgent business permitted by the Local Government Act 1972 (if any)

For a matter to be considered as an urgent item, the following question must be addressed:  “What harm to the public interest would flow from leaving it until the next meeting?” If harm can be demonstrated, then it is open to the Chairperson to rule that it be considered as urgent. Otherwise the matter cannot be considered urgent within the statutory provisions.