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Employment Committee

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Information about Employment Committee

Appointment of Senior Officers - To take all action necessary to advertise, select and interview candidates to make an appointment of the Head of Paid Service, Directors and s151 Finance Officer and Monitoring Officer.  The appointment of the Head of Paid Service is subject to approval by Council.


Discipline and grievance – In the event of the Employment Sub-Committees not exercising any of their delegated decision making as detailed below to consider and determine appeals against dismissal, bullying and harassment and grievance and to deal with the discipline or termination of Head of Paid Service, Chief Finance Officer and Monitoring Officer (together the Protected Statutory Officers) including acting as the “Investigation and Disciplinary Committee” referred to in the JNC Chief Executives’ Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook.


Redundancy – to consider proposals for Redundancies and Early Retirements (posts graded JM8 and above or equivalent).


Pay Scales and Honoraria – to consider and approve pay scales, honoraria and acting up payments in accordance with Council Policy and approved employment delegation criteria.